European Framework for Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, identifies and defines, the key competences that citizens require for their personal fulfilment, social inclusion, active citizenship and employability. One of them are Social Competences. To obtain the related skills it is essential to understand the codes of conduct in different environments (e.g. at work). One of the aspects included in these codes of practice is the health and safety at work (labour risk prevention) and the commitment of its fulfillment of all the workers and companies. In spite of the progress achieved with the previous Community strategy on health and safety at work, the fourth European survey of working conditions show that occupational hazards are not being reduced in a uniform way and agriculture is still particularly dangerous. The current Community strategy includes the challenge of new and larger flows of migrants towards Europe in the field of health and safety that is continuing to grow in importance. Furthermore the strategy also mentions that special attention should also be paid to training for workers to make them aware of the risks in the company in SMEs and migrant workers. The goal of this project is to transfer at European level the Spanish training course on labour risk prevention at work in agriculture to train farmers, remunerated persons and self-employed workers. The idea is based in the transference this complete programme through adaptation of the programme to a B-Learning system, to other countries (Poland, Romania and Bulgaria) characterized by a significant amount of agriculture employment, deficiencies in labour risk prevention training, high accidents rate and high volume of in-migrants from these nationalities working in agriculture in Spain. FUNDAGRO, the Navarra’s partner has been involved in developing some of these actions (training about labour risk prevention un agriculture) during last years, and it is an experienced leader to transfer his training programme in the framework of this project. SOCIAL AGRISAFETY-COMPETENCE partnership is formed by entities all involved in the Lifelong Learning Programme, Agriculture sector and/or Labour Risk prevention: FUNDAGRO (Spain), CPIP, (Romania), CBAO, and ECQ, (Bulgaria) andARID “Lacjum”, (Poland). The main action/tasks and results of the project are grouped in eight workpackages, and finally the main output of this project will be a six-languages Blended Learning training programme in Health and Safety at Work in European Agriculture. This output shall impact actively in Europe because agriculture is still particularly dangerous and occupational hazards currently are not being reduced. The outcome of the project will have direct impact in the four countries on project partners, agriculture workers and other type of target groups with a high potential interest on it.